Victor Valdes’ kind gesture to youngster in Old Trafford helps build fan relationship

by Sam Peoples

Victor Valdes has left a very good impression so far on Manchester United fans.

He’s always smiling, complimenting his team-mates, saying the right things and hasn’t complained about the fact he hasn’t made his full debut for the club since joining in January.

Now, a user on Reddit posted a lovely anecdote from an incident which happened at Old Trafford before the Aston Villa game and it will only further his growing reputation:

“I was in the Stretford End for the Villa game yesterday and this moment was in the warm up. Doing the usual shooting drills, Rooney blasted an effort over, striking a young lad (no more than 5-6 years old).

“It hit the young lad square in the face and sent him literally cartwheeling, and, needless to say, the waterworks began. The players didn’t realise what had happened and carried on with their drills.

“After it was brought to their attention, and obviously checking the little lad was okay, Victor Valdes removed the shirt from his back and ordered it to be sent back to the injured boy along with a signed ball from the warm up.

“The whole Stretford End applauded and it was a touching moment that showed the club still has a heart in the modern game. Although it was basic human decency, it made me immensely proud to be a fan of this great club.”

Say what you want about it but Valdes didn’t need to do that at all. It’s gestures like that, ones which can really connect players with fans, which will go a long way to building a relationship with fans.

Although, that being said, Valdes could open up ten new hospitals in the next week and we still wouldn’t want to see him start ahead of David de Gea.

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