Michael Carrick insists he feels as good and fit as ever and wants to keep playing for years

by Ben Topliss

Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick hopes his healthy lifestyle will allow him to extend his career at Old Trafford.

The Englishman has enjoyed a fine season at Man United and was instrumental in last weekend’s 4-2 victory over Manchester City.

However, at 33-years-old, fans have been wondering how long Carrick can continue to perform at the highest level.

Carrick insists he has plenty more to offer and revealed he has been looking after himself in an attempt to prolong his time on the pitch.

When asked how long he can last at United, Carrick said: “Living right and trying to look after myself gives me a better chance. I feel as good and as fit as I ever have.

“I’m not saying I can last as long as Giggsy [Ryan Giggs]. Not many people, if anyone, can do what he did.

“But I tried to learn off Giggsy, Scholesy [Paul Scholes] and Gaz Nev [Gary Neville].

“It’s stuff in the gym, yoga, living right, eating right… it all comes together and hopefully gives you a chance of playing for that extra couple of years.”

Ryan Giggs famously played on at United until he was 40 years old and said yoga was an important factor behind staying fit. Meanwhile, Paul Scholes eventually retired for a second time at the age of 38. Both players gradually adapted their games as their bodies faltered and Carrick may have to do the same in the future.

However, his excellent reading of the game means, more often than not, he is already in the right position to receive a pass rather than busting a gut to reach it. With Carrick in such good form, fans will be hoping he can play on for years to come.

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