Manchester United’s potential 4-3-3 with young fans’ transfer targets

by Ben Topliss

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal shared a heartwarming moment with a young fan earlier this week when he handed the 63-year-old a list detailing his transfer targets.

On the list was Mats Hummels, Nathaniel Clyne, Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale and Jackson Martinez at a total cost of £271m. Not much then.

The lad clearly knows his stuff and covered all the bases when it comes to the areas of the squad that Man United need to strengthen.

We let ourselves daydream and imagined what van Gaal’s starting XI would look like if the club signed all of the youngster’s targets:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 17.05.39

Obviously, it is highly unlikely that United will sign all of these players, but what a team. There’s no harming in having a look is there?

The signings of Pogba and Bale, in particular, would excite fans at Old Trafford. The former is a midfield powerhouse who would bring a fear factor to the middle of the park while the latter’s pace would leave opposition defenders for dead on the wing.

Van Gaal kept the boy’s list following the exchange, so perhaps he gave the experienced Dutchman a thing or two to think about ahead of the summer transfer window.

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