Memphis Depay holds talks with Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Memphis Depay flew to England earlier this week to hold ‘secret talks’ with Manchester United over a summer transfer, reports

The Dutch website says the 21-year-old flew with his agent Kees Ploegsma and colleague Kees Vos to meet with Louis van Gaal at Man United to discuss plans for the summer, with the full permission of PSV who want in the region of €25-30m for him.

Having already talked with French side Paris St Germain about a future deal, it is the next step for Memphis and the mere presence of Louis van Gaal at his meeting in Manchester may have gone a long way towards him making his own mind up.

As far as reliable sources in the Netherlands’ go, has a solid reputation when it comes to Man United and Depay, so it will be interested to see how this latest development pans out. Dating back to when van Gaal was announced as United manager, has been very accurate with their United news.

Interestingly enough, on the same day reports were published of a meeting between Depay and Man United, the 21-year-old Dutch winger uploaded a picture of him standing next to a plane with his agent. It could of course been a simple coincidences and if that was the case, then its timing was impeccable.

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