Real Madrid release official statement on transfer ban story

by Sam Peoples

Real Madrid have categorically denied they have breached any FIFA rules with regards to transfers following reports from the Spanish press last night which suggested they faced a potential transfer ban.

Any ban is of interest to Manchester United as it would of course affect their ability to try and sign David de Gea this summer.

An official statement from Real Madrid damned the reports and insisted all the information is ‘completely false’.

“In view of last night’s reports, alluding to supposed legal sources, about a future sanction against Real Madrid for possible infractions in the signing of foreign minors, the club would like to state the following:

1. That said information is completely false, as demonstrated by the fact that the Spanish Football Federation has spoken to different media outlets to refute the claims that Real Madrid is implicated in any kind of irregular activity when it comes to signing minors.

2.- Real Madrid reiterates that the club has always scrupulously adhered to the FIFA regulations, as was explained in detail in the official announcement dated 26 January 2015.

3.-Real Madrid is once again saddened by these reports, some of which are intended to cause harm, the only aim of which are to implicate the club in supposed infractions that have not been committed.

4.- At the same time, it is surprising that certain media outlets insist on connecting the latest signings with a hypothetical sanction, as there is no relationship between the signing of players and their subsequent inscription, which is what FIFA prohibits.

5.- Real Madrid reiterates once again its absolute committment to the defence, protection and the correct and healthy development of minors, which take precedence over sporting interests and, as a consquence, confirms its total support of these FIFA regulations and the club’s adherence to them.

It is a very swift statement from Madrid to refute all the claims but if they are found guilty of breaching any rules, there is every chance they will not be able to pursue De Gea this summer which would, of course, be fantastic news for Man United.

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