Real Madrid choose not to activate Javier Hernandez buyout clause

by Sam Peoples

Javier Hernandez has been in the press a lot over the last two weeks following his resurgent form at Real Madrid with three goals and an assist in his last four appearances.

Carlo Ancelotti admitted Chicharito had made himself indispensable thanks to his current form and it led to murmurs of whether the Spanish side would sign him on a permanent basis.

However, the 30 April deadline has now passed which would have allowed Madrid to sign Hernandez for a buyout clause which was written into his loan agreement from Manchester United.

It makes it less likely that Madrid will sign Chicharito unless they decide to put in a bid this summer and United are willing to sell for the same price.

Regardless of the fact this deadline has now passed, all Chicharito needs to concentrate on is continuing to impress with his performances because there’s nothing else he can currently do to influence his future.

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