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Van Gaal confirms Man United scouts working very hard in transfer window

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal is keen for Manchester United to spend in the summer but is well aware of how difficult the market is when it comes to completing transfers.

The transfer market has now become complicated by agents, third parties and over demanding players and clubs which has created a difficult scenario in which teams negotiate.

Man United were very successful in the last transfer window despite a late start thanks to Van Gaal’s participation in the 2014 World Cup but despite that, he is remaining very cautiously confident ahead of the upcoming transfer window.

Speaking on Friday, Van Gaal said: “Transfers are a process, it’s not ‘I want you and he comes’, there are always three parties – the player, the club, and ourselves. It’s not so easy.

“It’s not a question of how big or the number of players in the squad, it’s how the balance is. When you have for every position two equal-levelled players, then I’m happy.

“You have three parties and the most important party is always the player, I have already said in this conference so I cannot repeat myself, I don’t want to repeat myself. We have a very good scouting commission for every position.”
Memphis Depay 14
The relatively straightforward signing of Depay goes to show that a transfer can be agreed with minimal fuss once both parties agree on a correct set of terms but as is always the case in deals where there is negotiation, that agreement isn’t always easy to find.

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