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Jamie Carragher reveals meeting with former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson

by Ben Topliss

Jamie Carragher has revealed he met up with former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson after retiring at Liverpool.

The pair often clashed on the pitch in games between the two sides over the years but it appears their relationship has mellowed since.

Ferguson sent Carragher a letter after the latter retired, congratulating him on his career.

Carragher responded and the duo eventually met up in a Manchester hotel to discuss football.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Speaking about Ferguson, Carragher said: “He wrote me a letter when I finished which was nice.

“I’ve still got it at home. He was a one-off manager, one of the greats of world football. I always respected him, right back from what he did at Aberdeen.”

When asked what the letter said, Carragher replied: “Fantastic career, well done. Always admired you and your background and where you’d come from.”

Former Man United and Liverpool striker Michael Owen then acted as a go-between for Carragher and Ferguson so they could meet up.

Carragher said: “Owen got his [Ferguson’s] address for me as it wasn’t on the letter. I’d read his first autobiography and really enjoyed it – I said that. I also said at the end ‘You only live half an hour away, I’d never really spoke to you but I’d love to sit down and talk to you about football one day’.

Sir Alex Ferguson 2

“We met in a hotel in Manchester and he gave me a couple of hours of his time. We spoke about football in general. He was brilliant.”

It goes to show just how highly regarded Ferguson was and continues to be when a famous player from an arch rival talks about how much he respects him.

The Scot is widely regarded as the best manager that United have ever had and rightly so. It is unfortunate that fans won’t see him in the hot seat again but Louis van Gaal is pointing the team in the right direction at Old Trafford.

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