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Manchester United make inquiry about Raheem Sterling

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have made an inquiry to Liverpool with regards to a summer move for Raheem Sterling.

The 20-year-old winger has made it clear this week that he wants to leave the Merseyside club and less than 48 hours later, Man United have been heavily linked with a move for him.

News broke last night of United’s interest in Sterling and quickly spread. The Telegraph, The Guardian, Manchester Evening News, The Mirror and many more outlets all reported the same story.

What was interesting about the stories is that it wasn’t solely Manchester correspondents behind them. For example, The Telegraph’s Chris Bascombe covered the story for them and he has close connections to the club, which adds credibility to the reports.

It is evident that the press were briefed last night over Sterling but what camp the murmurs came from will remain unknown.

It could have been Sterling’s disgruntled agent so as to increase interest in his client and conversely it could have been Man United trying to rock the boat.

Not long after the initial reports, the Liverpool Echo said all approaches from United were being rejected out of hand by Liverpool which hardly comes as a surprise.

The last player to transfer directly between Liverpool and Man United was Phil Chisnall back in 1964 which makes the Sterling revelations all the more intriguing.

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