Lazio facing potential Champions League ban amid match-fixing enquiry

Lazio facing potential Champions League ban amid match-fixing enquiry

Lazio could face a potential ban from the Champions League this season due to an investigation into match-fixing.

Reports from the general secretary of Federbet, a non-profit organisation which looks into match-fixing, declare that Lazio risk exclusion from the Champions League.

Francesco Baranca presented a report to the EU yesterday and said: “There has been talk of this for weeks, since Hristiyan Ilievski decided to return to Italy and speak to the magistrates in Cremona.”

Match-fixing in Italian football is far from a new phenomenon. In 2006, there was a huge scandal in which Juventus, Fiorentina and Lazio were relegated to Serie B and also in 2012 there was another large scale scandal.

On paper, Lazio are the most difficult draw who Manchester United could face in the Champions League play-off match so it would be a real boost to have them taken out of the equation. If they were to be removed, Fiorentina would go into the pot in their place.

At this stage, there are nothing but initial reports suggesting that Lazio face an enquiry but given the history of match-fixing in Italy, there may well be some legs to the story.

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