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Manchester United fans have their say on Tom Cleverley’s move to Everton

by Sam Peoples

Tom Cleverley will complete a permanent move to Everton this week and end his 14 year association with Manchester United.

The 25-year-old had never been a regular first-team member apart from fleeting runs in the side which were subsequently stopped by injuries and from a fans’ perspective, Cleverley is a player who frustratingly never fulfilled on his potential.

With that in mind, it’s interesting to gauge the fans’ reaction following the news about Cleverley’s upcoming move to Everton.

Here’s some of the fan reaction:

Tom Cleverley 6


As you can tell, a divide on opinion remains over whether he was treated fairly by fans.

The fact Cleverley had to quit Twitter because of abuse was indicative of that tetchy relationship but he really didn’t help himself by heavily promoting his TC23 brand from an early time in his career, too early in the eyes of some.

Cleverley had an unfortunate time at United having worked his way through from the academy but although he spent his whole career there, it is definitely the right time for Cleverley to be leaving the club.

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