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David de Gea tells Manchester United he wants to leave – report

by Sam Peoples

Unfortunately for Manchester United fans, the future of David de Gea is far from clear.

With De Gea himself and Man United staying very tight lipped on the situation, fans are left to follow up on reports in the press for any sort of update.

The latest from Spanish newspaper AS is an interesting one. They say De Gea has already told United’s board he wants to leave and said his goodbyes to the coaching staff. The response? De Gea is not for sale this summer. However, any potential deal for Karim Benzema could grease the wheels and get something in motion.

It’s about time United played a strong hand when it comes to transfer negotiations and Madrid. Too many times over the years, the Spanish side have got the better deal and that should change with De Gea.
David de Gea 23
If he does want to leave this summer and Madrid want him, then United need to demand the best price or refuse to sell him.

It would be more worthwhile to keep De Gea for another year and lose him on a free rather than let him leave for a cut price this year.

It’s not as if De Gea would then come out and say he is a slave either, he’s not that sort of character. He’d still give his all for the club and fans which hold a special place in his heart.

De Gea’s return to Madrid is an inevitability but this summer United need to make sure they get the best possible deal for the club out of it. If that means refusing to let him leave and losing him on a free next summer, then so be it – you certainly won’t find any fans complaining about it.

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