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Giuseppe Marotta: Paul Pogba wants to stay at Juventus

by Sam Peoples

Juventus director general Giuseppe Marotta has told clubs that midfielder Paul Pogba has no desire to leave Italy, despite heavy speculation surrounding his future.

The French midfielder has caught the attention of Europe’s biggest clubs including Manchester United after a prolonged period of growth which culminated in his appearance for Juventus in the Champions League final against Barcelona.

Thanks to his agent Mino Raiola, Pogba has been at the centre of on-going saga which stretches back months but despite Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri insisting Pogba was available for the right price, Marotta has categorically denied that the 22-year-old wants to leave.

“I reiterate we don’t want to sell Pogba and he has said today that he doesn’t want to leave,” Marotta said.

“Pogba is a player that has been requested by several clubs but we have not entered in any negotiation because we consider him strategic to our project.

“The player is not on the market and will only be put in the market if he says he wants to leave.”

Although Pogba is in a great Juventus side at the moment, you could argue they peaked last year. They were three goals away from winning the Champions League to complete a treble having already dominated the Italian league and cup double. He may now be looking for another challenge.

Given his previous ties with the club, it does seem unlikely that Pogba would move back to Old Trafford but stranger things really have happened in football, so you just never know.

What is interesting in this situation is a lack of clarity in Juventus’ stance on Pogba as to whether he will stay or not. Maybe Juventus don’t even know.

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