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Ray Wilkins: Manchester United target Sergio Ramos is a ‘red card walking’

by Sam Peoples

Former Manchester United Ray Wilkins has labelled Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos as a ‘red card walking’┬ábut believes he would be a top quality signing.

The Madrid defender picked up 12 yellow cards last season, but no reds, and may well have some involvement in a deal sweetener if United decide to let David De Gea move to Madrid this summer.

With 445 appearances for the former European Champions having left Sevilla in 2005, the 29-year-old comes with plenty of experience and would certainly contribute to United’s defensive woes of previous seasons.

Wilkins, a former FA Cup winner with the reds, believes his tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve in pressure situations could cost United at times.

“Sergio Ramos has been around the block and he knows the score, especially in Champions League,” he said.

“He’s a red card walking, though. He gets het-up when things don’t quite go his way. Madrid have played him at full-back and as a holding midfield player, he’s very versatile.

“It would be an interesting signing because the first year is always difficult when you come to the Premier League.”

Sergio Ramos 3

Man United have had their fair share of hot heads at the club over the years.

You only have to cast your mind as far back as the days of Roy Keane to wince at some of the drama he brought to the club. Most recently Nemanja Vidic picked up a career total of six reds cards whilst under the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Similar to the days of Keane, Scholes and Vidic, United need more characters within the dressing room, and Ramos would certainly bring character. If any manager can, Van Gaal would have a good chance at adding more discipline to Ramos’ style of play.

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