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Louis van Gaal questioned directly about Sergio Ramos transfer and gets angry

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal is used to being asked by journalists about transfers but probably not at his home via a phone call.

With the growing Sergio Ramos and David de Gea rumours, Spanish TV station Deportes Cuatro decided to go one step further by ringing Van Gaal in Amsterdam and you might not be surprised to hear he wasn’t very happy about it.

Van Gaal is not a fan of the media and being called at home by reporters looking for information certainly won’t do anything to repair that relationship.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation via Goal.com:

Reporter: Hello, Louis. How are you?
Van Gaal: Why are you calling?
Reporter: I was calling about De Gea [rumours]. Are you angry?
Van Gaal: Yes, yes, but I don’t have any comment. You know that… no problem, it doesn’t interest me either.
Reporter: Are you expecting him to stay at Manchester United or do you think that he will come to Madrid?
Van Gaal: No, I don’t give…I don’t want to respond! I never talk with the media about this topic.
Reporter: Not even about Ramos? Not Sergio Ramos?
Van Gaal: I don’t talk about these things because I talk with my directors, not with the media. So, no problem, but… Goodbye. You know me, you know that I don’t respond.
Reporter: I know, I know, but as it’s such a conflicting topic, conflicting these days…
Van Gaal: Conflicting? You say that! You say that!
Reporter: Man, if your goalkeeper leaves or if Sergio Ramos wants to leave Madrid so they can play together, that’s conflicting no?
Van Gaal: No. Goodbye.

As for Van Gaal admitting he was angry, that is probably more to do with the phone call rather than the De Gea or Ramos situations.

Did the Spanish reporters genuinely expect to get anything apart from a cold shoulder by ringing Van Gaal to pester him for information on transfers?

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