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Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he’d like the fights with Louis van Gaal at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has insisted his tetchy relationship with Louis van Gaal wouldn’t stop him from joining Manchester United and instead welcomed the ‘fights’ he’d have with the boss.

The 33-year-old has become the latest striker to be linked with a move to Man United but his previously sour relationship with Van Gaal was believed to make it impossible for the move to even be considered.

However, speaking to Sports Illustrated, Ibrahimovic admitted there would be problems with Van Gaal but said he’d welcome that sort of relationship as it wouldn’t stop him from being a professional.

“No, that’s not good,” Ibrahimovic said when asked about his relationship with Van Gaal.

“He was a director in Ajax, and the way he is working is not the way I work.

“At the end, I think he is professional and I am professional. Whoever I work with, I never had this kind of problems, because at the end I need to do my job, he needs to do his job,” Ibrahimovic said. “And I think a lot of fights would happen, but that’s something I like.”

Ibrahimovic playing under Van Gaal sounds like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode doesn’t it? The Swede might welcome clashes with United’s boss but they could cause all manner of problems.

What the Dutchman has shown this summer with Victor Valdes and Robin van Persie is how ruthless he is as a manager. He thinks about the team first and foremost, regardless of sentiment and emotion, which is probably why he has clashed with so many players and teams in the past.

At 33, Ibrahimovic is in the twilight of his career and given that he’d probably ask for wages in excess of £250,000 per week, any move for him would be extremely expensive. However, United do need to sign a new striker this summer.

Logically, everything points away from any consideration to sign Ibrahimovic but is there a possibility it could happen?

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