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Louis van Gaal explains why he was frustrated with Bastian Schweinsteiger

by Sid Choudhary

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal his explained his criticism aimed at midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger in pre-season.

After a poor performance against San Jose Earthquakes, Van Gaal singled out Schweinsteiger for some criticism in what was an unusual move from a manager who usually actively chooses

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the manager revealed exactly what he expects from his players, especially Schweinsteiger, who he managed at Bayern Munich.

“We have to play like a team,” Van Gaal said.

“Like everyone else, the stars, so-called stars, have to know what is expected of them. What Schweinsteiger has won, that is in the past. Top sport is only about what is in the present. You have to prove yourself every time.”

Van Gaal also gave an insight into what he expects from his players, no matter how experienced they are.

He added: “I don’t treat players any differently if they are big names or if they are young. I look at the characteristic of the player first, then I can decide my approach towards that player.”

With the start of the new season less than a week away, Van Gaal will be hoping he can get the dynamic of his squad just right.

With talk of signing a player with ‘speed and creativity, the manager must get the balance of his squad right. Using a good mix of experienced players and youngsters, United and Van Gaal will hope it is a league-winning combination.

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