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Pep Guardiola: Bastian Schweinsteiger will thrive at Manchester United

by Sam Koster

Pep Guardiola expects new signing Bastian Schweinsteiger to thrive for Manchester United so long as he can stay on top of his previous injury problems.

The German captain and World Cup winner joined Man United in July in a frantic 72 hours which also saw the club sign Morgan Schneiderlin and Matteo Darmian.

Having managed Schweinsteiger through some real difficulties with injuries, Guardiola lavished praise on the 31-year-old and said he remained convinced of his qualities, despite the potential threat of injury issues.

Speaking about Schweinsteiger, Guardiola said: “When he does not have injury problems, I am completely convinced he will do very well at Manchester United. He is a top, top player.

“Unfortunately, during the last three years he was never in good condition. He is going to play really good there (at United). I really hope that is going to happen.”

Louis van Gaal decided to take the risk on Schweinsteiger and the midfielder has reiterated on more than one occasion already that he doesn’t feel his previous injury problems will affect him at United, in an attempt to fill fans with confidence over his fitness.

However, fans won’t be able to shake the memories of Owen Hargreaves whose move from Bayern to United ended up being a disaster due to injuries.

That doesn’t mean to say there will be a constant worry of potential injury problems but it’s a precaution thanks to what’s happened to United in the past.

Everybody is hoping Schweinsteiger will not follow suit and instead has a superb few years at United because if that happens, £14m would be a steal for a player as accomplished and good as Bastian.

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