Bastian Schweinsteiger building close relationship with Manchester United fans

Bastian Schweinsteiger building close relationship with Manchester United fans

We’ve been barking on about it since the moment Bastian Schweinsteiger joined Manchester United this summer but he is really building a fantastic relationship with the fans.

Back in the day when fame didn’t come before being a footballer, fans enjoyed a far closer relationship with the players. They’d even share bus journeys to and from the training ground on occasions.

That obviously can’t exist in the modern game as so much has changed since then but the birth of social media gave players an avenue to get closer to fans once again, and Schweinsteiger is a shining example of how to do that right.

You can’t underestimate the importance of building a close relationship with the fans when it comes to a player fully settling down at a club and Schweinsteiger has been doing that right from the start.

It’s only a small gesture but things like this will keep Schweinsteiger closer and more connected to the fans.

On the pitch, Schweinsteiger leads and instructs. Off the pitch, he leads by example in how to stay close to fans and that’s something lots of other players could learn from.

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