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Manchester United smash Adidas record with kit launch success

by Leo Nieboer

Adidas have confirmed that Manchester United’s new kit is the most successful in the brand’s history, the Daily Mail reports.

The German brand launched a ten year deal worth around £750m with Man United earlier this month and pushed a huge campaign around both the home and away kits, which were released on separate dates.

Adidas say that United’s home kit brought in over a month’s worth of forecasted sales in the first five days, while some retailers have reported a 200% rise in first day sales compared to last year.

This deal, which remains less than a month old, is shattering Adidas’ sales records and to be fair, they are actually some of the best looking kits which United have had in a long time.

It comes as no surprise that despite sponsoring Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern Munich, Adidas’ most notable name is United.

The club’s astronomical influence on major companies like Adidas is testament to the colossal power brought by the sheer presence of the club’s image.

The kit has received universal acclaim from all corners of the football world, especially amongst United supporters, who take great pleasure in seeing United’s kit hold resonance with the stylish clobber sported in the 1980s by the likes of Bryan Robson and Norman Whiteside.

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