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Pedro’s representative says Manchester United ‘fell asleep’ in negotiations

by Sam Peoples

Pedro’s representative Antonio Sanz feels Manchester United’s lack of urgency in their pursuit of the Spaniard was behind their failed attempt to sign him.

The Barcelona winger ended up completing his move to Chelsea after they succeeded in negotiating a deal within just 24 hours of declaring their interest.

It came as a shock to everybody as Pedro looked odds on to join Man United this summer but Chelsea’s speed and focus in negotiations was the driving force behind the move according to Sanz.

“Maybe Manchester United fell asleep,” Sanz told Spanish radio station Cadena Ser.

“The negotiation with Chelsea was like a lightning bolt.

“It is common knowledge that United were in the bidding for Pedro, but Chelsea were faster and within 24 hours reached an agreement with the club. It was a whirlwind.”

Whether or not you want to believe Louis van Gaal, who has said United simply decided to pull out of the deal for Pedro, is your choice entirely but you can’t help but look at the situation with a raised eyebrow.

United were happy enough to enter negotiations for Pedro and attempt to sign him, so why would that have ever happened if he wasn’t the sort of player who Van Gaal wanted in the first place?

Looking at the Pedro deal objectively, United were simply beaten to the deal by a club who were willing to meet Barcelona’s demands, and meet them fast.

If Chelsea had not have come in, United would have had more time to negotiate the deal they wanted but as it turned out, their attempts to secure a better deal looks to be the reason behind the whole thing collapsing in front of their eyes.

Of course, all is far from lost and this transfer window is far from gloom and doom, seeing as United have conducted some excellent business, but this whole Pedro situation looks like a case of the club trying to save face after some complacent negotiations backfired.

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