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Neymar interested in joining Manchester United?

by Sam Koster

Neymar has told Manchester United executives that he is open to a move to Old Trafford, says The Guardian’s Jamie Jackson.

The Barcelona attacker, who has scored 54 goals in 92 games for the Catalan club, became the latest in a seemingly endless string of players to be linked to Man United this week, much to the surprise of fans who never expected that to be the case.

Every United fan is well aware there is little to no chance of Neymar moving to Manchester any time but Jamie Jackson reports that Ed Woodward was actually in Barcelona last week to discuss the Brazilian, rather than Pedro who joined Chelsea.

The idea of signing Neymar is as much fantastic as it is is fantastical. He is currently part of a treble winning Barcelona side and is a key component of football’s most dangerous attacking trio alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. As appealing as United can be, the current set-up doesn’t have a scratch on the quality of Barcelona.
Jamie Jackson seems adamant that Neymar is interested in joining United and he’d certainly be welcomed with open arms but there is probably more chance of Sir Alex Ferguson taking over at Old Trafford again.

There’s no doubt that United’s attack could do with an injection of quality but the idea that a deal for Neymar could be agreed is surely nothing but a wistful imagination.

What do you think, should United pursue Neymar or concentrate on other, probably more realistic, targets?

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