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Ed Woodward concentrating on bigger targets than Pedro for Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

From the outside looking in, Manchester United’s failure to sign Pedro looked like exactly that – a failure, based on cumbersome negotiations, a rookie mistake with other clubs interested.

On the contrary, the message from Man United has been wholly different. Louis van Gaal insists Pedro would be a United player right now if he wanted him to be and said interested in him was dropped by the club.

The situation left fans scratching their head, especially after Pedro’s impressive match-winning debut with Chelsea, but is it something that will have any long-term affect on United this season?

In his latest piece for the Daily Mail, Ian Ladyman paraphrased Ed Woodward in a message which was very clear.
Thomas Muller 15
He wrote: ‘Don’t worry, we have bigger targets,’ was the thrust of Woodward’s message to associates. ‘The Pedro thing will eventually be forgotten.’

Gareth Bale, Neymar and Thomas Muller are but three names mentioned in Ladyman’s article. All fantastic players, fantastically expensive players who would immeasurably improve United’s stagnant attack but the looming cloud of transfer deadline day, now less than ten days away, makes any such transfer improbable, if not implausible.
Gareth Bale 20
But the message Ladyman is portraying is that United feel missing out on Pedro will be nothing more than a memory for fans in view of bigger things that could potentially happen this summer.

It’s certainly fighting talk but the problem is that there is such little time left this summer to complete any deals of that magnitude, if they were even possible in the first place.
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