Morgan Schneiderlin reveals what it’s like to play for Manchester United

Morgan Schneiderlin reveals what it’s like to play for Manchester United

Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin has revealed what it is like to play for the club.

The French midfielder has settled into life at Old Trafford and has been excellent on the field but he gave an insight into the off-field commitments expected of him.

It is often a struggle for players to adapt to life at Man United given the commercial and media requirements expected of players.

With such responsibility also comes great support, however, and Schneiderlin highlights this as something that struck him upon joining the club.

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When asked what it’s like to be a part of United, Schneiderlin said: ”Player management is exceptional. Many people are looking after us. We always have someone available to us, 24 hours a day. I was told straight way: “You, your girlfriend, and your family when they come to see you, you must all be in the best possible place in your life so that on the pitch you can your express yourself fully.”

“When we arrived at Manchester airport to leave on the tour in the United States, I experienced the passion of the fans. And, when we arrived at our hotel in America, all our fans were at the entrance.

“What surprised me, was all the commercial events that we had to do. In the States, two times a week, we dedicated two to three hours to our sponsors. To play here, it is not just about being a professional footballer. There is another dimension.”

Signing Memphis Depay, Schneiderlin, Matteo Darmian and to a lesser extent, Bastian Schweinstieger so early in the transfer window was vital to getting them adjusted to being a part of United.

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Taking part in United’s preseason tour in America meant that they got to know their new teammates and get used to life as United players. Schneiderlin doesn’t appear to be the kind of player who would be phased by the move up and it has proven to be the case. He understands his role in United’s midfield and will undoubtedly go from strength to strength in that position.

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