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Anthony’s Martial move to Manchester United will benefit his first club Les Ulis

by Robbie Dunne

French sixth-tier club Les Ulis will receive a substantial financial windfall from the transfer of Anthony Martial to Manchester United on deadline day.

FIFA rules state any team that helped to develop a talent will receive compensation for players that are later transferred between bigger clubs.

Man United landed the Frenchman on the final day of the window for a fee that could rise to £59.7m.

Les Ulis’ coach, Mamadou Niakate, told Sky Sports: “It will cover up to four or five years of our budget. We are always struggling to make ends meet. This money will help us secure existing jobs and renew our equipment. At the football school, we’ve been using the same footballs and training shirts over the past four years.

Anthony Martial 5

“At the club, we also want to create social links, we try not to turn down anyone and we contribute to the mixing of populations. We try to instill a proper football culture while insisting on school attendance at the same time.

“Thierry was just an 11-year-old boy when he left, so we did not receive anything because the solidarity contribution does not work if the player leaves the club before his 12th birthday. He later paid for an artificial pitch for the club, though.

“With Evra, we received about 38,000 euros in player development fees. But this is not just about the money. Our main satisfaction is that someone from Les Ulis is able to join such a prestigious club as Manchester United.”

The financial side of things should not matter to United fans but the price tag will affect how Martial is judged by people outside the club including the media.

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For a 19-year-old, who is moving to one of the biggest teams in the world, the pressure is already immense and such a huge price tag will just be another stick to beat him with if he doesn’t automatically settle into life at Old Trafford.

United’s transfer window was an average one based solely on the players that were allowed to leave and not replaced adequately. It might prove to be better if Martial comes good on the price tag in a year or two and becomes one of the best in the world.

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