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Pedro: Victor Valdes did not impact decision to join Chelsea over Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Pedro has insisted that Victor Valdes had no influence on his decision to join Chelsea over Manchester United.

Pedro had been the subject of strong interest from Man United for a number of weeks but he eventually chose Chelsea instead in a dramatic few days earlier this summer.

There have been suggestions that Valdes, who has been frozen out at Old Trafford after falling out with Louis van Gaal, played a part in Pedro’s decision.

However, the forward rubbished the claims, instead saying that Jose Mourinho and the chance to live in London convinced him to move to Stamford Bridge.

Pedro 11

“No. It’s true that I don’t like that treatment for my colleagues, especially for Victor, who has been a reference as a teammate and as a professional,” he said.

“I don’t believe it’s fair but it didn’t influence my decision. I just saw that Manchester didn’t take that step, that they were taking too long and I needed a team to start. Chelsea were more decisive.”

When asked if he spoke to Valdes, Pedro said: “Yes, a lot. He told me that the club [United] was very good and there was a great fan following, that his only problem was the situation with the coach.”

When asked if Valdes recommended him not to join, Pedro replied: “Absolutely not. He spoke very well of the club. It’s a great club but I believe I have chosen well to join Chelsea, I’m convinced. I had an important chat with [Chelsea coach Jose] Mourinho, who told me that he wanted me, that with me they would have a better team and he said many things that I liked to hear. That combined with the possibility to live in London was what made me decide.”

Louis van Gaal 55

Pedro had looked for all the world that he would sign for United and the news that he had joined Chelsea came as a huge shock to fans. Despite Pedro’s official line, van Gaal’s treatment of Valdes must have played a factor. The hope is that future potential signings don’t take a similar view of the Dutchman.

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