Sir Alex Ferguson: Disciplinarian approach may have cost Manchester United titles

by Ben Topliss

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that his disciplinarian approach may have cost Manchester United titles during his time in charge of the club.

Ferguson famously fell out with a number of players during his reign including David Beckham, Paul Ince, Roy Keane, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Paul McGrath.

However, the Scot still won 28 major trophies at United and a treble in 1999.

Despite this, Ferguson admitted that he could have won even more if he had relaxed his management style.

Sir Alex Ferguson

“People will give a manager plenty of opportunities to crack the whip so it’s best to pick and choose your moments,” he wrote in his new book Leading.

“You don’t have to dish out a punishment very often before everyone gets the message.

“I place discipline above all else and it might have cost us several titles.

“But if I had to repeat things I’d do it precisely the same because discipline has to come before anything else.”

Sir Alex Ferguson 2

Ferguson is widely regarded to be the greatest manager of all-time and his disciplinarian style was a big part of his success.

If a player ever stepped out of place and threatened to undermine the authority of the manager, he was shipped out swiftly and with a minimum of fuss. It helped create a mentality at United where Ferguson’s word was law, which seemed to get the best out of his players.

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