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Yohan Cabaye: “Anthony Martial is like Thierry Henry, trust me”

by Sam Peoples

Yohan Cabaye has become the latest person to publicly back Anthony Martial and feels he has all the qualities of Thierry Henry.

The French midfielder has his full belief in Martial to fulfil on his potential and says he just needs to be given time to prove his credentials.

There has been a building sense of excitement over Martial’s arrival at Old Trafford which is only increasing in intensity with each added seal of approval he receives.

“He is like Thierry Henry. Trust me,” insisted Cabaye.

“He has the same qualities as Thierry. Now, give him the time to prove it you on the pitch.”

Either lots of players are overhyping Martial and setting him up for a fall, or he is the real deal. He’s certainly well thought of by those who know or have played alongside him.

There’s no doubt that Martial is an unpolished diamond right now but once the dirt is rubbed away, will there be a flawless gem or something altogether less enticing?

It’s that unknown aspect of Martial which makes him an exciting prospect and one who Man United fans will give their full support and help to.

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