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Manchester United players confront Louis van Gaal over training methods

by Sam Peoples

Senior Manchester United players have spoken to Louis van Gaal about his training methods and the restrictions it places on the squad’s ability to play football, reports The Times.

The report from James Ducker and Matt Dickinson says the confrontation, which happened three weeks ago, happened because players were frustrated with van Gaal’s rigid training which didn’t let them be expressive enough on the pitch.

At every club throughout his career, van Gaal’s focused nature on his own philosophy has always been considered abrasive, so it wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to hear that some players are still struggling with it.

However, if it really was a confrontation, why are we only hearing about it in the press three after the incident happened? Surely that is something which would be all over the back pages as soon as it happened because it’d be a major story.


Victor Valdes‘ clashes with van Gaal are common knowledge already but are there others in the team who feel equally as frustrated under the one-track minded Dutchman?

This summer, van Gaal shipped out so many senior players who were established at the club and really created his own squad.

While there are members who still remain from the Sir Alex Ferguson days, it’s very much a different and new United now, one which is being shaped completely by van Gaal.

However, it would matter very little for van Gaal to have so much control over his squad if he lost the dressing room because that’s the one thing which every manager must maintain. Without that, the only way is down as David Moyes found out the hard way.

There have been varied reports over the last year which support the idea that not everybody would be happy with van Gaal’s regimes, such as Andy Mitten saying James Wilson was asked to curb his dribbling with the ball, but he is a manager who lives and dies by his own methodology.

Will that lead to clashes in the dressing room? The suggestion is that has already happened.

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