Manchester United’s Luke Shaw gives advice to new team-mate Anthony Martial

by Sam Peoples

Luke Shaw has advised Anthony Martial to ignore any negative press about him and solely concentrate on what he is doing.

The 19-year-old has come under plenty of criticism but all of it is aimed at his price-tag, rather than the quality of his football seeing as he hasn’t even trained with the first-team yet.

Shaw faced that same criticism last year after a disappointing debut campaign following a big money move to Old Trafford, so he can relate to Martial’s situation and wants him to avoid it all as best he can.

“Of course, you see it,” Shaw said when asked about negative press.

“I think I read too much of it last year. I tend to ignore it now.

“There are always going to be highlights especially for someone like me who went for so much money.

“There are always going to be people doubting me and wanting to write bad stuff about me but obviously just to ignore it and carry on playing the way I am.

“Of course I am always willing to help people, no matter how old they are. Obviously I know he might find it a bit tough with everything that’s going on with social media. We have great people at the club. Staff and players. We will all welcome him very well.

“He is a young player with a lot of potential. Hopefully we can help him and he will learn a lot from players like Wayne Rooney. It’s great for him to have someone like that.

“He looks like he has got that pace and ability that we might need. At United, I think we need a bit more pace and I think he is going to bring that.”

That’s very sound advice from Shaw. Such is the nature of the press, new imports to the Premier League can be on the wrong end of fierce criticism right from the time where they make their first mistake. It happened to David de Gea and it will continue happening to others.

What Martial needs to do, as Shaw says, is rise above it and remove himself from the situation as best he can. If he can do that and concentrate solely on his football, then he may well develop faster than anybody would have predicted at Old Trafford.

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