From Germany: Manchester United were willing to pay €120m for Thomas Muller this summer

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s pursuit of Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller was always considered a pipe dream but Kicker in Germany has brought out some very interesting reports to suggest it was much more serious than most imagined.

Kicker say Man United were willing to off Bayern Munich a staggering €120m for Muller with a contract that was worth €12.5m net to the German striker, which works out at more than €250,000 per week after tax. That’s an eye watering amount of money.

Kicker go on to discuss how Bayern simply refused to sell Muller at any cost, something CEO Karl Heinz-Rummenigge has publicly stated on more than one occasion.

United hit the headlines after signing Anthony Martial in a deal which is likely to rise to approximately €58m over time but that would have been blown out of the park by this reported Muller offer.

What do we make of the rumours? It’s really hard to keep a grip on reality now in the transfer market because of overinflated prices, increased television deals and the fact Adidas are paying United £750m over a ten year period.

While the concept of spending €120m on one player is ridiculous, it really would be financially possible, and well within FFP guidelines, because of how powerful United’s corporate image is.

When Real Madrid signed Cristiano Ronaldo for €80m back in 2009, jaws were on the floor at the price but it won’t be long before the €100m mark is broken for a player and, if Kicker are correct, that could have happened this summer had Bayern decided to accept United’s offer.


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