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Roy Keane felt Hector Moreno’s challenge on Luke Shaw was ‘brilliant’

by Sid Choudhary

Former Manchester united captain Roy Keane has labelled Hector Moreno’s challenge on Luke Shaw as ‘brilliant.’

Manchester United’s left-back suffered a double broken leg from the tackle, which was not deemed a foul. Moreno made contact with the ball as Shaw drove into the PSV Eindhoven box before his trailing leg caught the youngster on his follow through.

The referee awarded a corner and nothing more, something Keane agreed with.

The Irishman said after the game: “I thought it was a brilliant challenge, I love the physical side of the game. You can always tell by player reactions and none of the United lads at the time, and players are best judges because they are nearest the tackle, didn’t react over the top thinking it was a bad challenge.”

Given the horrific nature of the injury, many have felt that the challenge itself was not as bad as it seemed. Keane is one from this particular school of thought, focusing on Moreno’s contact with the ball to stop Shaw’s drive into the box.

However, it was Moreno’s trailing leg that caused the damage to Shaw. Having made contact with the ball during the initial part of the tackle, the Mexican’s back leg then also made full contact with Shaw’s standing, right leg. It was this part of the challenge that resulted in the break and, according to many United fans, was wrothy of a penalty.

Both of Moreno’s legs were off the ground going in for the confrontation with Shaw, something that immediately suggests that the referee should be branding a red card.

Keane, notorious for his hard nature on the pitch, enjoyed the challenge, angering fans of his former club. Shaw will now face at least the vast majority of this season on the treatment table and United supporters are already counting down the days until they have their first-choice left-back playing again.

Do you agree with Roy Keane that it was a ‘brilliant challenge’?

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