Luke Shaw set to undergo second operation on his broken leg

by Sam Peoples

Luke Shaw is set to undergo a second operation in Eindhoven on his broken leg this Friday.

Ian Ladyman from the Daily Mail reports that the 20-year-old defender’s condition is considered good but he will have a second operation in Eindhoven before he comes back to England.

It’s such a horrible position for any player to be in, let alone a 20-year-old who had started the season off with so much promise for both Manchester United and England.

You’ve really got to feel for Shaw. One minute he is full of pride and joy, standing in the Philips Stadion making his Champions League debut which he has worked so hard for. The next minute, his leg is broken and his season is in tatters after all the hard work he put in.

Football comes with those risks but you never expect it to happen, not injuries as serious as Shaw’s, so it’s going to take him a long time to mentally recover from what happened.

From Man United’s perspective, there is no rush at all to get Shaw back into England until he is completely ready, so it makes perfect sense for him to have his second surgery in Eindhoven and is probably medically advised as well.

The road to recovery for Shaw is going to be a long one but it sounds like he is in great hands in Eindhoven if Man United are happy for him to have a second procedure there. We wish him all the luck in the world.

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