Victor Valdes keeping himself busy in deer parks while Manchester United exodus continues

by Sam Peoples

First we had Where’s Wally, now we have Where’s Valdes.

Victor Valdes might not have been sold by Manchester United this summer but Louis van Gaal is still not including him in any of his squads.

Although there were hints of a repaired relationship, nothing since the summer has suggested that Valdes is going to be invited round van Gaal’s house for a Sangria any time soon.

Instead, Valdes is keeping himself busy with some frolics to deer parks. He must be taking a leaf out of Juan Mata‘s culturally inspired past-times.

In all seriousness, the whole Valdes situation stinks and is a very embarrassing situation for the club. There’s no chance he is going to play for United unless every other goalkeeper is simultaneously injured, yet he is earning a wage.

United tried their hardest to sell Valdes this summer but if fell flat after negotiations failed so now, for the time being at least, Valdes is essentially getting paid to train and enjoy himself. It’s a nice life isn’t it?

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