Louis van Gaal says he bought Anthony Martial because he is ‘very coachable’

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal is happy with Anthony Martial‘s start to life at Manchester United and said the fact he can be moulded by his coaching methods is one reason why he bought him.

The 19-year-old’s excellent start to life at Man United has taken everybody in surprise because of how quickly he’s hit the ground running and he’s exceed everybody’s expectations at this stage.

It’s no surprise to hear van Gaal identify the fact that Martial is a ‘very coachable player’ because youngsters allow him to impose his philosophy without barriers, rather than senior players who have already been schooled differently.

“No, I don’t think so because he doesn’t read the papers,” van Gaal told the press.

“Maybe he hears it from his fellow players, but I don’t think the players will say that he can break a record. His personality is that he is an open guy, he is listening, he is watching, he is focusing on the matches. For a manager, he is a very coachable player and that is also why I bought him.

“That is a little bit of luck, a little bit of quality and also because of his fellow players,” he said. “Maybe also the moment he could play because that was Liverpool, who had to come at us and that is where his qualities are stronger. It was the same with Ipswich, because they had to come at us.

“So I put him in the line-up. It is also that luck, but of course the main thing is his quality. As a player, he has to do it and he has to cope with the pressure. What we have seen until now: he can do it.”

Martial may be listening but he’s got to quickly learn English to make sure he can fully adapt to life in Manchester. If he can score four goals in four games without speaking the language, he’ll be scoring a hat-trick every game.

In all seriousness, Martial’s ability to play as well as he has despite being in a new country, without speaking the language, settling his family into a new life, is quite phenomenal for someone who is only 19.

After his goal against Liverpool, we tried to contain our excitement about what Martial can do but after four goals in four games, the hype around him is beginning to grow

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