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Victor Valdes left out of Manchester United’s 2015/16 squad photo

by Sam Peoples

Victor Valdes has been omitted from Manchester United’s 2015/16 official squad photo.

If there was even the slightest doubt about Valdes’ future at Man United, this is surely the final nail in the coffin for a player who has found himself ostracised all season long.

Ever since publicly falling out with Louis van Gaal, Valdes hasn’t been seen anywhere near the first-team and the latest suggestion is that he has been told to train at different times so as to avoid coming into contact with any of United’s players. It’s the football training equivalent of solitary confinement.

However you feel about van Gaal’s treatment of Valdes, United are sitting pretty at the top of the Premier League right now, so whatever he is doing is working.

There are plenty who will feel his handling of the situation is harsher than it needs to be but van Gaal is the manager and his way goes. Valdes could have avoided the situation altogether by playing for the U21s last season but that’s in the past now.

Moving forward, United and Valdes need to part ways as soon as possible because it’s a horribly muddy situation which isn’t doing either party any favours. Valdes won’t be short of options if he does leave and the sooner that happens the better.

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