Wolfsburg coach labels Chris Smalling’s goal as ‘s***’

by Leo Nieboer

Wolfsburg manager Dietar Hecking was far from impressed with Chris Smalling‘s winner for Manchester United and labelled it as a s*** goal.

Hecking’s comments came after Man United’s 2-1 win over Wolfsburg in the Champions League.

Smalling’s 54th minute goal, a nicely guided finish which came after Juan Mata‘s sublime flick into the box, received universal acclaim from the footballing world for its wonderfully orchestrated deftness and execution.

Hecking, however, was having none of it.

“Again, the second goal was unlucky. As we say in Germany, ‘a s** goal,” said Hecker.

One could possibly sympathise with Becker, who, in the heat of the moment, is unable to recognise the brilliance of United’s winner against his side. Football tends to produce moments of irrationality.

However, even in the midst of defeat, a goal of such artifice and conviction deserves to be lauded.

Perhaps he doesn’t believe Mata’s incredible assist was intended, instead just a hopeful waft. But those who match Mata every week will be able to confidently say such moves are what epitomises the Spaniard’s brilliance.

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