Ryan Giggs reveals how Sir Alex Ferguson got the best out of his players at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has revealed how Sir Alex Ferguson was able to get the best out of his players at Old Trafford.

Ferguson was a notoriously strict disciplinarian during his time at Man United but he always commanded respect from his players.

According to Giggs, Ferguson knew when a player needed an arm round the shoulder or if he had to give him the hairdryer treatment.

“He had that skill…Have you got to put your arm round someone, or have you got to lose your temper to get the best out of them? I remember Alex Ferguson had a go at me at half time once and I had the attitude to show him. I went on to play well in the second half,” Giggs said.

“After this, he quickly knew how I’d respond to him losing his temper and that followed me for the next 20 years so that was a big mistake early on!”

Ferguson’s excellent man management was one of the defining aspects of his career.

The Scot had the knack of making every single one of his players feel special and that improved performances on the pitch as a result. That being said, if a player got too big for their boots then they were immediately shown the door, as the likes of David Beckham and Roy Keane found out.

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