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Frank de Boer: Louis van Gaal is one of the best coaches in the world

by Sam Koster

Ajax manager Frank De Boer has labelled Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal as “one of the best coaches in the world”.

De Boer, who has been widely praised throughout Dutch media for his style of play with Ajax, has often been tipped to someday manage in England, with the 45-year-old heavily linked to both the Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur jobs in the past.

While De Boer has not yet made the journey to the Premier League himself, he has been watching from afar and feels that van Gaal is doing a good job managing Man United.

“I think he is managing very well, always protecting his players and wanting them to always give 100 per cent,” De Boer said.

Louis van Gaal 67

“If they do that I think he is one of the best trainers in the world. I think he also learned a lot in the last couple of years about what he has to do if he is in a foreign country. He will get what he wants if he gets time and everybody believes his philosophy.”

However, De Boer has questioned the way van Gaal sometimes deals with the media.

“That is not my cup of tea how he always tries to fight with the press,” De Boer said.

“I think sometimes you have to let it rest and don’t make an issue about it. But he doesn’t like if somebody isn’t fair against him and he will try to attack them with words if they are not honest.

“For me I’m only concerned about is the first-team players and everything that is around – yeah, I read things – but the only thing that I can do is train with my team and I don’t have influence on what people outside are saying.

“So sometimes I think ‘let it rest’. He always goes into it but that does give entertainment to the press and that’s nice.”

De Boer’s comments regarding van Gaal’s philosophy are encouraging for Man United fans, who at times have felt increasingly frustrated with the Dutchman’s ‘philosophy’. However there have been times over the past two seasons where the players have shown some fantastic team performances, something which hopefully starts to happen more frequently in the next few months.

While De Boer’s comments regarding van Gaal’s handling of the press will be enough to draw a smile from many United fans, the real issue here is silverware, something many supporters are expecting to see return to Old Trafford come the end of the season.

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