Victor Valdes’ agent says they’re waiting for Manchester United to release him

by Sam Peoples

Victor Valdes‘ agent Gines Carvajal has admitted they are waiting to find out whether Manchester United will release Valdes for a January exit.

The Spanish goalkeeper has been completely disconnected from the club after a fallout with Louis van Gaal and an exit has looked likely for some time now.

Discussing Valdes’ future, Carvajal said: “We depend on Manchester United to let Victor go.”

Carvajal reiterated how attractive the Premier League was for Valdes because of how long he has spent in England now adapting, but said there was currently nothing concrete on the table in terms of offers.

“There are two months to go until the transfer window and there is nothing concrete”, Carvajal added.

I’m not entirely sure why United would cancel Valdes’ contract apart from attempting to save on his wage bill. Ultimately, somebody should pay to sign him if they want him, otherwise all the rehabilitation costs the club has covered since Valdes joined would have all been to waste.

Carvajal is playing a very vocal role at the moment with Valdes. He wants it to be common knowledge that the goalkeeper is available and would prefer to stay in the Premier League. To be fair, there’s a lot of clubs who could be improved by Valdes’ arrival but with no offers on the table yet, Carvajal’s decided to go for a more direct route with his latest tactics using the press.

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