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Louis van Gaal confirms Man United are looking at signing Cristiano Ronaldo

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal has admitted Manchester United are looking at the possibility of re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo, although says these players are ‘mostly ungettable’.

The 30-year-old has been linked with a return to Man United every summer since he left in 2009 and the upcoming transfer windows are going to be much of the same.

Now, following van Gaal’s comments, those rumours are probably going to intensify more so than normal with Man United on the lookout for players who can bring pace and goals back into the team.

“Ronaldo plays on the wings and he is fast and scores goals,” said van Gaal.

“There is no trainer in the world that doesn’t like him.

“Of course we are looking – but are looking at all players, not just Ronaldo. But these players are mostly ungettable.

“With Ronaldo, let’s wait and hope.”
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Call me devil’s advocate here but I don’t want to see us re-sign Ronaldo.

First of all, he’s 30 (31 in February) and isn’t going to get any better. We’ve seen Ronaldo at his prime, let’s just leave it at the memories of that.

Second of all, with the sort of money and wages we’d need to sign Ronaldo, we could pretty much sign any player in the world we want including Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller – no matter how much reluctant they are to sell, he has his price.

Van Gaal’s comments will give more legs to the Ronaldo rumours which will inevitably start later in the year but whether United should be considering a move for him is something which is likely to spark debate among fans.

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