Wayne Rooney wanted to become face of Chinese Super League – report

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney is wanted to become the face of Chinese Super League as part of a move by China to put their domestic football on the global map, reports The Sun.

There is lots of money in the Chinese league and they can pretty much afford any player in the world, so it would simply be a case of persuading both Manchester United to sell and Rooney to leave.

While the former wouldn’t be a problem as everybody has a price, there’s very little chance they could persuade Rooney in my opinion.


Money is not something that drives Rooney any more. He’s been on a Premier League wage for nearly 15 years and if/when he does leave Man United, you get the feeling it would be to where his heart wants and not his wallet – Everton.

On top of that, I doubt Rooney would consider uprooting his family from Liverpool where they have lived their whole lives. Even after a decade at United, his family still live there and that says it all. If he won’t move a few miles down the road to Manchester, do you really think he’d uproot to China?

There was once a time where Rooney was driven by money and he held United to ransom but for a player who has spent his whole life earning top wages, his last move is likely to be driven by something much closer to home.

I think Rooney will leave United in the future but can’t see past a return to Everton. I’d be interested to find out where you feel he will go once he leaves the club – let me know in the comments.

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