Louis van Gaal explains Cristiano Ronaldo and Arjen Robben rumours

by Sam Peoples

Louis van gaal is angry with the way the media has portrayed his comments about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Earlier this week, van Gaal was quoted as saying Manchester United were looking at the possibility of him re-signing Ronaldo which is something he is adamant he never said.

At his pre-match press conference ahead of PSV, van Gaal was questioned about the current rumours around Robben and he certainly wasn’t happy with that.

Something that doesn’t help van Gaal when it comes to quotes is his broken English because there are sometimes genuine mistakes which happen because of translation more than anything else. That being said, there’s plenty of other times where he is simply misquoted.

Van Gaal is angry at the press? That’s nothing new I suppose but he’s seriously not happy with how his quotes are being used about Ronaldo and, now, potentially Robben.

It goes to show why precisely why van Gaal prefers to be tight lipped about his transfers and keep his business behind closed doors.

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