Ruud van Nistelrooy: I’d be ‘delighted’ if Jamie Vardy broke my Premier League goalscoring record

by Ben Topliss

Ruud van Nistelrooy has insisted he would be “delighted” if Jamie Vardy breaks his record for scoring in the most consecutive Premier League matches against Manchester United this weekend.

Vardy scored for the tenth league game in a row against Newcastle United last week, equalling van Nistelrooy’s record.

The Dutchman offered his support for Vardy last week and he reiterated the stance while a guest at the Oxford Union on Tuesday.

“I sent him a message of support last weekend on social media and I really meant it. It would be fantastic for him. I really mean it, records are there to be broken,” van Nistelrooy said.

“He can score one on Saturday, in fact I hope he does but hopefully United score three and win 3-1! But no, seriously, if he does it, I’ll be delighted for him.’

Van Nistelrooy was a phenomenal striker and Vardy has a long way to go if he wants to match his achievements in the game, even if he does break the record.

However, Vardy will have to get past the likes of Chris Smalling and David de Gea if he is to score, with both players in superb form. United’s success in the game could be dependent on how they handle Vardy and, to a lesser extent, Riyad Mahrez, who has been equally as impressive this term.

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