Gary Neville’s reaction to Jamie Vardy’s goal: “Manchester United used to counter-attack like that”

by Sam Peoples

Gary Neville‘s reaction to Jamie Vardy’s goal against Manchester United in the 27th minute at the King Power Stadium summed up everything that fans are currently frustrated with right now.

“Manchester United used to attack like that,” Neville remarked during his commentary on Sky Sports 1.

Rio Ferdinand then said the exact same thing to his followers on Twitter:

It perfectly encapsulates the feeling among Man United fans right now. We were also so dangerous on the counter-attack and had pace in abundance but now we play very static, rigid, predictable football.

That’s why fans are frustrated. Why can’t we hit hard and fast on the attack? We might not have the most pace in the world but there’s plenty we can work with and as we showed away against Everton, we can do it with the current personnel.

It’s about finding the balance between defence and attack. It’s about finding the balance between entertainment and results. At the moment, nobody is under any illusion – United are dull to watch, even if they win.
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