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Morgan Schneiderlin knows Manchester United need to score more goals

by Tanveer Arayan

Morgan Schneiderlin knows that Manchester United need to win more games and score goals and insists there is more to come from Louis van Gaal‘s side.

Man United’s defensive record, the best in the Premier League, has been fantastic this season but our cumbersome attack has led to plenty of criticism over whether van Gaal plays an overly defensive formation.

We’ve failed to score in four of our last eight games and Schneiderlin acknowledges that they need to create more chances.

“I know there is criticism but we let people do their talking,” Schneiderlin told United Review.

“Our job is to deliver by winning games. I’ve seen teams win the Premier League with good, solid defences and not conceding goals. Football is like that sometimes. But, of course, we need to work on our formation to try to score goals and win games.”

It’s all about balance, one of van Gaal’s favourite buzzwords, and United just don’t have that at the moment. We’re great in defence but that does seem to be having a knock-on effect with our attacks and our poor finishing isn’t helping the situation either.

In terms of progress, our football is no better now than it was 12 months ago but we’re looking good in the Premier League and are one win away from Champions League qualification.

If we fail to beat Wolfsburg next week, that’s when the criticism is going to start getting very intense and far harder for van Gaal to justify.

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