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McManaman: Something is drastically wrong at Man United

by Tanveer Arayan

BT Sport’s Steve McManaman feels something is drastically wrong at Manchester United with how they are currently playing.

Man United’s 0-0 draw with West Ham was their fifth goalless stalemate in ten games and boos in Old Trafford after the full-time summed up the frustration among fans right now.

Speaking on BT Sport about the result, McManaman questioned how United’s success would be defined this season.

“If you’re managing Manchester united you can’t play like that after you spend £250m something is surely drastically wrong,” he said.

“The way they’re playing I don’t understand them, if they finish third or fourth this year after how they’ve played is that really success?”

The 0-0 against West Ham wasn’t like our other draws in that we actually plenty of chances to score, 21 in fact but only one on target, yet the feeling at the end was one of similar frustration at the result.

McManaman doesn’t speak an awful lot of sense but he’s spot on in that to define this season as a success, United need to improve on how we finished last year. To repeat that wouldn’t be progress, especially after the huge investment made in the last two years.

The frustrating thing for United fans is that a convincing 3-0 win over Everton at Goodison Park showed we have the capability and personnel to win big games comfortably, yet we have failed to show that on so many occasions now.

Is it down to tactics? Is it down to the attitude of the players? At this moment in time, we can only speculate as to the root cause but one thing is for sure – things have to change because if they don’t, frustration from both the players and fans is going to bubble over and become a real problem.

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