Manchester United working on Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar deals – report

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United are currently working behind the scenes on individual deals for Gareth Bale, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, reports The Times.

James Ducker suggests Man United are fearful that the competitive nature of the Premier League would put the players off moving to England because they wouldn’t be able to score 40+ goals as they do in La Liga, and that United are working on individual deals knowing that all three are unlikely to be pulled off.

What do we make of these reports? Well, if we’re being honest, it stinks of a PR campaign being pushed out by United after the woeful UEFA Champions League exit in order to build excitement back up in fans. I’d love any of the three at United but Ronaldo is probably the only one which we have a chance at signing, and whether he’d be the right value signing at 30 is another debate altogether.

Plus, last summer we spent some of our time chasing our tails with deals for Neymar and Sergio Ramos which ultimately failed. We should be pushing for attainable targets and by attainable I mean not core players who are central to some of the biggest teams in the world. Wasting our time again could be futile.

We have spent so much over the last couple of transfer windows but we are all well aware that we’ve still got key areas which need strengthening. Will they be with one of the world’s elite players? I’d be surprised if Ed Woodward didn’t try again to sign one but if we do end up wasting our time once again, it could prove to be a bad decision.

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