Andy Mitten suggests multiple Manchester United players don’t believe in Louis van Gaal’s style

by Sam Peoples

Andy Mitten has suggested many of Manchester United’s players and staff don’t believe in Louis van Gaal‘s style of football and are fearful it is damaging to their careers.

With only three wins in their last 11 games, Man United’s startlingly poor form has seen them crash out of the UEFA Champions League and now leaves them six points behind league leaders Leicester after their 2-1 win over Chelsea.

The football itself has stagnated massively over the last two months and writing in his latest ESPN column, Mitten said the success of other players following their exit from United is another point of concern for some.

He said: “Van Gaal’s position is not irredeemable, but most of the fans have lost faith in him while many of the players and staff don’t believe in his style of football.

“They think he is hard to play for and that poor football and individual performances, brought on by restrictions to their style of play, is damaging to their careers. When they see Javier Hernandez thriving in Germany or even Angel Di Maria and Rafael doing well in France, they question their manager’s judgement.”

It’s like watching the beginnings of David Moyes’ demise all over again. Once van Gaal has truly lost the dressing room, his days are numbered and the end is inevitable. By the sounds of it, that has already started to happen behind the scenes.

All is not lost but there has been some irreparable damage done by van Gaal to his relationship with United’s fanbase already, and that has weakened his greatest base of support – the fans. With them on his side, van Gaal would have been afforded lots more time but without them, it leaves him isolated in the face of staunch criticism.

With every passing game that doesn’t bring change to how we’re playing, van Gaal is making his situation worse at the club and if it continues like this through until the New Year, I’d say he is in danger of forcing the club to take action and potentially replace him.

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