Fan in Jose Mourinho mask holds up Louis van Gaal’s P45 at Stoke

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal has effectively lost the support of Manchester United fans now.

We’ve turned into a laughing stock and one fan inside the Britannia Stadium took it one step further by getting himself a Jose Mourinho mask and mocking up Louis van Gaal‘s P45 form, with a leaving date of 26 December 2015.

It’s a shambles right now, there’s no other way to describe it and everybody else is revelling in the fact we’re so bad.

After today’s game against Stoke City, there aren’t many fans who would stand in support of van Gaal and trying to justify him keeping his job is an almost impossible task.

Would getting Mourinho in be the right move for United? Probably not from an idealist point of view given his style of play but United have to change. Van Gaal isn’t the right manager to take us forward and we now all know that.

Where and how we move on from Stoke is going to be extremely difficult to predict but United are in a rut right now and I don’t think van Gaal is capable of getting us out of it.

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